Our Pledge

Our Pledge For Positive Change To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

We at ScienceMagic.Inc want to share our pledges and actions in support of Black Lives Matter.

The unjust murder of George Floyd in June 2020 sent shockwaves around the world and has led to the exposure of countless disregarded racist brutalities that occur every day, on an international scale. The progressive action that has arisen from this horrific event is for companies, such as ours, to take the time and deeply reflect on our own behaviours and biases.

During this time of reflection, we have listened and learned – to begin to understand the critical actions that must be taken to dismantle racial inequality and work towards real progress.

As a company that specialises in communications and brand development, we have a huge responsibility to pioneer long overdue change within our own organisation, our industry and the brands we help to build.

Over the course of evaluating our business we believe that we have not been succeeding and have not taken the actions necessary to support and create a vision of true equity and equality. This needs to and will change now.

We have taken the following steps and formalised the below pledges for immediate and longer-term action. We need to be both persistent and consistent in our efforts, monitoring our approach and publicly sharing our progress, step by step.

While we are directing our actions below to support BLM, we understand the critical importance of extending future commitments to all minority groups. Our intention is to ensure that ScienceMagic.Inc is a fully inclusive and supportive business, internally and externally.

This is not an “HR” matter – it is a fundamental business priority and we acknowledge this. We are committed to meaningful, progressive and permanent change.

To date:

The ScienceMagic.Inc Intersectionality Committee (IC) was set up in June 2019. It is a coming together of people in the company with lived minority experiences who are invested in helping to shape ScienceMagic.Inc’s approach to diversity and inclusion. This committee represents the body who has consulted and guided our pledges and actions for positive change.

We have set up a peer-to-peer, open space programme to listen to the thoughts, challenges, and ideas of our colleagues about our current approach to inclusivity and diversity. The feedback received during these initial sessions has been used to inform our immediate and long-term action plan.

We have made a donation of £10,000 to organisations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK and US.

We have created a companywide survey to gather anonymous feedback about our internal culture, our industry and client work, in relation to diversity and inclusivity.

We have developed a Black Lives Matter resource guide, an index of resources and materials to foster a better understanding of the movement, which we will continue to build and share both internally and with our clients.

Pledge 1

To Come:

We will ensure that ScienceMagic.Inc is a truly inclusive and diverse workplace, with a dedicated approach to identify, recruit, attract and develop Black talent. We will ensure all staff benefit from dialogue and training around diversity, whilst providing a safe environment for Black and other minority employees across all areas of the business.


Create a more diverse workforce at all levels: Currently 2.6% of the total number of employees and 3.7% of the Leadership team identify as Black. We commit to re-examining our recruitment processes and to take positive action to seek Black talent in all new hires.

Learn and train: We are currently identifying a Black-led training partner to conduct training for all staff this quarter. We commit to implementing a long-term Diversity & Inclusivity training programme, to commence early 2021.

Listen and share: We commit to holding quarterly forums dedicated to listening to Black voices, both from our colleagues at ScienceMagic.Inc and external speakers. This forum will mark the beginning of a Diversity & Inclusion speaker programme that, in the future, will incorporate more voices from those with lived minority experiences.

Open spaces: We will continue to hold peer-to-peer, open space sessions, hosted by members of the ScienceMagic.Inc IC, to provide our employees with regular opportunities to voice their opinions, ideas and challenges on our actions to support BLM and approach to diversity and inclusion.

Pledge 2

We will create change within the immediate communities around us and participate in the larger Black Lives Matter movement.


Internship programme: We will partner with organisations in London and in New York to create an internship programme to initiate change and attract Black talent to our industry. We will formalise and announce these partnerships before the end of 2020.

Volunteering: We give all employees up to 5 volunteering days a year. We will dedicate over half of this allocation to organisations that positively impact the Black community. The other volunteer days will focus on causes such as supporting other minority groups, social issues, and/or environmental initiatives, aligned with the UN SDGs.

We are currently exploring partnerships with the organisations New York Cares and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, and we will share more details on these soon. If you would like to find out more about how you can be part of our volunteering programme, please contact us at volunteering@sciencemagic.inc.

Provide resources: Our intention is to provide long-term sustainable financial assistance to those organisations for whom we are volunteering. We will build this into our partnerships from 2021, when we hope our business will have recovered from the challenges of COVID-19 and will be in a position to make further financial donations.

Pledge 3

We will implement, change and promote diversity within our broader community with a specific focus on increasing Black representation


Challenge our clients: We will take an active role in ensuring our clients understand the importance of inclusive and diverse representation across their businesses, including product, services, campaigns and initiatives.

Diversifying our supplier roster: We are committed to creating a robust and fair selection process for our partner companies and vendors which offers opportunities to a wider range of suppliers, particularly those that are led by or which serve underrepresented groups.

Pro bono programme: Globally, we have 650 hours per year available to commit to pro bono work. At least half of this time will be dedicated to Black-led start-up businesses. If you are interested in hearing more about our pro bono programme and how you can be involved, please contact us at probono@sciencemagic.inc

Diversify our client roster: Through the above actions and future additional ones, we commit to becoming the best possible partner for Black businesses.

Our Commitment is the foundational statement of intent of our company culture. It is attached to our employment contracts and all contracts with clients.

This Pledge is focussed on supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. We hold ourselves to account and will report on our progress regularly via our social media channels and our website. We will review our actions and constantly seek to learn from our successes and our challenges.

We are committed to a life of learning. Whilst this pledge is focussed on the black community, we are committed to all minority groups without exclusion.

If you have any feedback to share, please contact us at pledge@sciencemagic.inc