Pro Bono

Our Pledge for Positive Change

At ScienceMagic.Inc, we are committed to driving positive change and promoting diversity within our broader community. However, over the course of evaluating our business, we believe that we have not been succeeding, and have not taken the actions necessary to support and create a vision of true equity and equality. This needs to and will change now.

We are taking immediate and long-term actions, and have formalised our commitments through Our Pledge. One pillar of this ongoing work is the launch of a pro bono programme to serve and support the wider community, and specifically Black-owned businesses.

The ScienceMagic.Inc Pro Bono Programme

Globally, we will devote 650 hours per year to pro bono work. At least half of this time will be dedicated to Black-owned businesses or individuals.

We build, partner with and invest in the Brands and People of tomorrow using Science, Magic and Experience – and we invite businesses to apply for our pro bono services.

Eligible applicants can simply email us at to receive further information. To be eligible for the Science Magic.Inc pro bono programme, you must:

  • Be a Black-owned businesses: Due to the company’s current ongoing pro bono commitments, and to ensure we stay true to Our Pledge of providing half of our pro bono hours to Black-owned businesses and individuals, we are currently only offering our pro bono services to Black-owned businesses or Black individuals.
  • Have a business plan: The category of your business, or how you’re set up, isn’t important to us. However, we want to ensure we can deliver the best possible results, so we are looking for those who have a clear business plan in place and believe that pro bono support from an external team will help to achieve this. If you have yet to create a business plan, you can find a draft template here.
  • Have an annual turnover of under £0.5M: Science Magic.Inc wants to focus its efforts where we believe support is most needed, and where we as a company believe we can make the most positive impact. To that end, we request that you share your annual accounts with us, to confirm your annual turnover falls under £0.5m.


New applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Our next entry period will be from Friday 11th December 2020 to 15th January 2021.

  • SMI will review applications and you will receive confirmation if you have moved through to the next round by 29th January 2021
  • Applications progressing to the next round will have final selection call set up by 12th February 2021
  • The news of whether you have been successful in your application will be shared by 19th February 2021

For complete transparency, we wanted to share the ScienceMagic.Inc pro bono criteria – each application will be reviewed with these in mind:

  • A clear business plan
  • A strong brand purpose that offers something new and differentiated
  • An understanding of how the business can make positive environmental and social impacts
  • SMI’s ability to provide the services needed

For any businesses we are unable to support, ScienceMagic.Inc is committed to providing a supplementary consultation meeting, including application feedback in addition to broad strategic counsel and advice.

If you have any questions regarding our pro bono programme and the services that we can offer, please contact us at